Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Misunderstood

Pitbulls remain highly misunderstood today because of irresponsible owners and a proliferation of myths. As a result, breed specific laws have popped up in cities across the U.S, Canada and a few other countries, that either greatly restricts or completely bans pitbull dogs as pets.

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1) Pit Bulls are Unpredictable Many think that pitties will attack any moment, without warning and are therefore dangerous.

The Real FACT: Dogs do not react without warning and pitties are no exception. They are predictable as any other dog. Dogs communicate through body language they show us signs when they are afraid, stressed, happy, depressed, irritated and they even show us love and compassion. However some signs are easy to miss or misread. There are hundreds of body cues that dogs use and humans easily misunderstand their dogs or simply do not pay attention.

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2) Pit Bulls are More Aggressive Than Other Breeds Due to their press as a fighting dog, most believe that is all the breed is capable of doing – attacking.

The Real FACT: All dogs can be dangerous, all dogs can bite. Dogs are individuals and their breed alone does not define a dog’s temperament or personality. Just as Race does not define a humans personality or temper. The American Temperament Test Studies show that Pit Bulls consistently score above the average for all breeds.

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3) Pit Bulls are Only Bred for Fighting. Again, thanks to bad press, many believe the only people breeding Pit Bulls are breeding them for the fighting ring.

The Real FACT: Pit Bulls are used as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, cadaver dogs, military and police dogs, service dogs and they are even seen at dog shows and agility trials. There are so many Pit Bulls who have become famous for their greatness and goodness. Hector a Pit Bull rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting bust was adopted and became a therapy dog.

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4) Pit Bulls Have Locking Jaws This myth has been around for decades.

The Real FACT: Pit Bulls Do not have locking jaws! I. Lehr Brisbin at the University of Georgia did a study and found that Pit Bulls dot have the ability to lock their jaws. In fact, according to The National Canine Research Council, between German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Pit Bulls, the Pit Bull had the least amount of bite pressure.

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5) Nobody Wants a Pit Bull Many think that is why the shelters are full of Pit Bulls – nobody wants them. But the shelters are full of many popular breeds, including the Chihuahua.

The Real FACT: Pit Bulls are very popular today and many families are adopting pit bulls.

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1. They are family orientated.


Most people when they think of a dog to add to their family, they think of a Golden Retriever and don't really think Pitbulls do well as a family dog. If you take an a dog as part of your family, they become a family dog. Pitbulls can be family dogs long as you treat them as part of your family. My dog is a dog who loves people and spending time with each one of our family members.

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2. They are friendly and playful.


Yes-- Pitbulls can be friendly and playful. There are misconceptions about Pitbulls in that they are aggressive animals who can turn on their own owners. Although there are stories like this about Pitbulls, it does not mean all Pitbulls are like this. If you train your Pitbulls to be friendly animals, they can be the friendliest dogs. Sometimes, all these dogs do is run around and play with toys. Of course, Pitbulls enjoy playing with their owner until they get exhausted. Another aspect about Pitbulls that makes them friendly is that they put a smile on their face everyday!

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3. They are caring and loyal.


Whenever I think of a Pitbull, I think of a caring and loyal breed. Pitbulls do protect their owners from any danger as any other loyal dog would. My American Bulldog Pitbull Mix always knows when something is wrong because he will come to me and try to get my attention. Pitbulls really do care after their owners and show it by just being their for their owners or by trying to get their owners everyday when they get home.

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4. Pitbull are goofy creatures.


Besides the goofy smiles they put on, Pitbulls can be quite hilarious. They can such clumsy runners that they slip and fall but get right back up as if nothing happened. Whenever my dog does this, I can't help but giggle because of how clumsy he can be sometimes! They also can sleep in the funniest poses and make strange noises that makes you not take Pitbulls so seriously!

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5. If you love them, they'll love you back.


Pitbulls are loving animals who love to cuddle. If you're just resting, they'll come right up to and want to snuggle with you. Just because Pitbulls are stereotyped as dangerous and vicious animals, it doesn't not meant that they can't love or don't deserve love. A dog learns what the owner teaches them. In my opinion, there are no bad dog breeds, but there can be bad owners. Regardless of the type of breed of dog you have, if you love them, they'll always love you back.

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2. They are friendly and playful.

What causes the ‘Blue Nose’ in Pitbull?

The Blue Nose Bully, contrary to popular belief is not a different species of Pit bull, but rather one possessing a recessive gene, which causes the coloration (the light gray color referred to as ‘Blue’ in dog-breeding circles) to be expressed in this way.

In order for a recessive gene to be expressed, the parents must both possess the recessive gene. This means that Blue Nose Pitbulls are often selectively bred from a small gene pool, and can exhibit behavioural and health problems (most commonly, skin diseases) such as mange, hot spots, and alopecia; however, these are easily treated and can be prevented (or the effects minimalized) through good care and diligence.


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